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YOUR FREE PERSONALIZED WEB PAGE - When you purchase a HIRE ASSIST Report Credit package, we create for you - at no additional cost - a customized internet integrity testing center, complete with your company's information.  From the moment your purchase is complete, it takes less than fifteen minutes for your personalized testing center to become operational.  It's that quick and easy! There are no set-up costs, no maintenance costs, and no software upgrades to worry about! You can start testing your job candidates today!

HOW REPORT CREDITS WORK - Report Credits work somewhat like postage stamps.  Every time one of your candidates takes a test, a credit is deducted from your account.  Report Credits can be purchased individually or in quantities up to a package of 5,000 reports.  Depending on the quantity purchased, most customers pay between $8.50-$13.50 per report - many even less!

HIRE ASSIST OVERT INTEGRITY TEST - The test itself is set up at your customized internet integrity testing center.  It is comprised of 112 questions, and will require 10-15 minutes of your job candidate's time.  It is designed to evaluate the following categories:

  • Drug/Alcohol Association
  • Honesty
  • Theft Involvement
  • Theft Risk Factors
  • Attitude Toward Employers
  • Violence/Anger

When your applicant completes the test and clicks on the "submit" button, you will receive the resulting Interviewer's Report in your email inbox in less than 10 minutes!

HIRE ASSIST Interviewer's ReportTHE INTERVIEWER'S REPORT - The Report is provided as an informational tool to Assist you in conducting a more objective and in-depth interview.  It does not feed you any directives regarding your employment-making decisions.  Rather, the report provides you with valuable information that can give you important insight regarding your job candidate's attitudes and perceptions towards employment and employers.  This information is directly related to the choice of answers selected by your candidate, and in some cases, includes the actual text response they entered into the form.  The report is broken down into five (5) sections:

  RISK FACTOR OVERVIEW  - This provides you with a convenient graphic bar chart outlining your job candidate's Risk Factor scores in each category evaluated by the test.  It is a quick visual way to recognize any possible areas of concern that might require further evaluation.

Category Risk Bar Chart

This visual summary is followed with detailed information for each of these categories, as well as a special section on your candidate's responses associated with Anger/Violence questions, and customized interview questions designed to help you assess any possible additional risk factors.  

  DETAILED INFORMATION  - Within this section, the report identifies the responses that your candidate provided to certain questions which could be considered a "Risk Factor".  Although no single response, or even several responses in this category, would or should disqualify someone for a position, you are urged to carefully review this information in depth.  It is provided so that you may determine whether the responses outlined create a level of risk you may or may not not wish to take.

  EVALUATING INCONSISTENCIES  - The test was designed with multiple questions addressing the same issues so that inconsistent answers could be identified.  This section of the report will provide you with information about any such inconsistencies that may have been detected on the Survey based on how your job applicant answered the questions.  The system only looks to see if the responses are exactly the same.  It may find some that are slightly different, and those inconsistencies may or may not be significant to you for the job for which they are applying.  However, if significant inconsistencies are found, please interview carefully in this area.  If no inconsistencies were found, this section will be empty.

  SPECIAL SECTION ON ANGER/VIOLENCE  - This section of the report includes answers to several questions that, although not counted in the Risk Factor Scoring, are of importance to many employers.  These questions deal with the Applicant's attitude and history of anger and violence in the workplace.  Due to an increased problem of violence in the workplace in recent years, this section has been added to help the Interviewer be more aware of this issue and have a way of objectively screening for potential problem triggers.  A person should NOT be rejected for any position based solely on his response to the questions, but it could be an indication to you, as an employer, to be sure and conduct a thorough background check and try to discover if there were any problems in this area with previous employment.

  INTERVIEW QUESTIONS  - Instead of starting your interviews with the generic, "So, tell me about yourself," HIRE ASSIST gives you the ability to specifically target areas of potential concern with razor sharp, effective questions that can get to the heart of the important issues at hand. 

This section of the report evaluates how your applicant responded to questions on the Survey, with particular emphasis on groups of related questions.  Because it is not possible to know the circumstances surrounding the issues that may have led up to your applicant's answers which generated a high risk score in any given category, it is important that you discuss some or all of these issues with them in order to provide them with an opportunity to further explain in more detail.  HIRE ASSIST's report format gives you an area for documenting the applicant's responses, as well as any observations you might make during the interview. 

"HIRE ASSIST gives you an affordable, convenient and simple method for conducting more meaningful and efficient interviews, reducing the possibility of bad hires!"

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